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Welcome to the creative home of Phil Radford, alias MayaGuy – a freelance 3d artist and visual fx provider based in the UK working globally as a remote freelancer. This is a gateway to my 3D freelance services and educational content creation. With over two decades of professional experience, I bring a wealth of 3D animation and visual effects knowledge, showcased in my extensive portfolio of TV commercials, music videos, corporate campaigns and more. As an Autodesk Maya sponsored influencer, I not only demonstrate my digital art and cgi portfolio here but share my passion and knowledge through engaging tutorials. Whether you’re here to explore my professional freelance artistic services or to learn from my educational content, you’ve arrived at a hub where creativity and teaching converge. 

For Professional Inquiries: phil@mayaguy.com

High End Simulation Services

Liquids, smoke, fire, explosions - From concept to full render

A Zero Calorie Production For Autodesk

I was asked to come up with an idea and create a fully rendered Bifrost simulation and step-by-step tutorial for Autodesk Media and Entertainment showcasing and teaching how Bifrost for Maya and it’s mpm granular system is capable of creating these stunning pack shot cgi visual simulations. It’s a robust and versatile system with limitless applications for the kind of vfx you see in tv commercials.

Freelance 3d simulations

Every project is unique, and I am equipped to handle diverse requirements in 3D simulations. From initial setup to final rendering, I work closely with clients to bring their ideas to life. My services are tailored to meet your specific needs, whether it’s a standalone simulation project or integrating simulations into larger visual narratives. As a 3d and vfx generalist who has a technical fx skill set I’m fully capable of creating jaw dropping fluid simulations like pouring choclolate or icecream, mixing different liquids or water simulations within Maya & Bifrost.  If you would like to hire me for something like that drop me an email with a brief outline of what you are looking to accomplish and we can discuss how I can create a simulation for your team or a completely fully rendered and composited end-to-end solution.

For Professional Inquiries: phil@mayaguy.com

Muffin VFX (0-00-11-10)allMuffin VFX (0-00-11-10)

I also teach 3D Simulations.

If you are a student of 3d, a freelancer, employed at a vfx studio or just want to push your Maya knowledge forward and bring Bifrost into your skillset you can learn from some of my many tutorials either through the MayaGuyTutorials YouTube channel or in this instance through the newly established Autodesk Media and Entertainment YouTube channel.

So join me on my MayaGuy YouTube channel, where I demystify the complexities of Bifrost for Maya. Through engaging and interactive tutorials, I provide step-by-step guidance, from basic principles to advanced techniques. Perfect for both beginners and experienced artists looking to enhance their skills in 3D simulations.


Simulations & FX

I offer a wide variety of procedural and simulated fx services from full render to passing over cached data. Fire, explosions, liquids, particles and more.

TV Commercials

Whether its 3d, motion graphics or simulated I am more than familiar with working in the world of tv and broadcast with countless big brand projects on tv.

Title Sequences

Need a title sequence for your next documentary, series or drama? I have a background in creating title sequences and promo's.

3D Animation

As a generalist with 20 years of experience I offer everything from 3d modeling, texturing and lighting to fully rendered and animated worlds.

Product Renders

Products need to look amazing and with 3d renderings you can revisit that product over and over at any angle you need with an unlimited amount of possibilities.


Over the years I have worked on hundreds of shots, digitally removing and replacing hundreds of unwanted elements for tv.

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