Maya Guy is coming ! is being built . A resource purely for the Maya Artist, no Blenders here, unless you are switching to Maya then WELCOME. This will be a resource for all levels of artist, all types of user and a central hub that you can visit to grab 3d models, scenes, longer tutorials including series of tutorials, for all levels. How often do you find dynamics or physics based Maya scenes on some of the well known 3d model resource sites? you will here . Keep this site book marked and watch out for the  “we are open for business “announcement on the MayaGuy YouTube channel . For now grab the files you need for the YouTube tutorials which are now free .

Take your Knowledge Forward

Becoming a great Maya artist takes many different disciplines. A Maya artist must be an observer of the natural world, understanding light, texture and form and then weaving that with your personal imagination to create something new and compelling . We will travel together on that journey, with MayaGuy Tutorials .

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3D & VFX techniques and the business owner.


Maya guy will not only be a great resource for the Maya artist with vfx tutorials and techniques, but also a place where you can learn what it takes to pursue a successful career in either employment, freelance or business ownership . Want to start your own 3d company and don’t know how to talk to clients ?
what to request ? how to work out ideas, what to charge ? how to make sure you get what you need from a video shoot ? how to get clients? 
Maya Guy offers content that comes from over 15 years of experience both the good and the bad and what we have learnt from all of it . This information is more valuable than any modeling tutorial if you want to get paid for your hard work and talent . We have been through the hardships, the tough times, the good times, the good clients and the bad . The freelance world and client/artist relationship can be a minefield but we are here to help navigate it .