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The client projects below represent a very small percentage of the projects I have worked on but they should give a good idea of the type of range that I offer as a 3d and vfx artist.

These featured projects cover a wide array of skills that I offer from 3d modelling, texturing, animation, lighting and rendering to simulations, procedural fx and compositing.

All projects have different deadlines, briefs and budgets and rather than turn away clients asking for Avatar level vfx with a budget that might not quite stretch to that, I instead offer up different ideas on how we might achieve something cool within the deadline and within a budget.  

These projects cover but are not limited to Music Videos, Corporate product and service videos, TV Commercials, Social media ads and Architectural animations.

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CGI, VFX, FX, 3D, MOTION GRAPHICS artist, all of these terms apply to me, but it’s allot to put on your c.v so lets go with ‘3D & VFX Creative’ as essentially that is what I am. Outside of being a 3D Artist I manipulate video, digitally adding and removing elements, tracking in both 2D and 3D, grading, editing, keying, rotoscoping, lens treatments, creating motion graphics elements and working on the creative direction of all of this. As a freelancer you have to be able to do this while managing client expectations, budgets, time scales and deadlines, out reach, social media interactions, client meetings, problem solving and above all making sure you have enough caffeine in the cupboard to keep all of this going. 

It’s allot of work but with 20 years of doing all of this on top of the technical skill set it takes to be a 3d generalist (which is a constant learning curve) you gain some incredible exposure and experience so when you discuss a project you know what to look for, what to ask, you know the pitfalls and you instantly know what you can bring to the table and manage in the given time. I have worked with CEO’s, CCO’s, Art Directors, Creative directors, Senior designers, Producers, Ad agencies, Marketing teams, Celebs, Bands and fellow artists and it has given me some incredible experience.


BBC News Titles 2007

In 2007 while working at BBC Television Center I created the 3d and motion graphics for the BBC NEWS title sequence which was on air daily for about a year. I also created a derivative of this for BBC World News while working as a 3d artist within BBC News. The titles were the main staple of a global triple channel re-branding process. I went on to co create a re-branded BBC Breakfast title sequence in 2009 which was on air for 3 years. I continued creating title sequences as a 3d and motion graphics artist often combined with a senior designer on many other programs for the BBC .

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