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For as long as I could remember I have been a creative. As a kid I would spend hours drawing characters and battle scenes and this progressed to weird characters. I never copied anything, it all just flowed out. I tend to either dream weird stuff or see little movie clips in my mind, just playing there. This is great at times, other times I have to push back to re focus on a task. My parents thought I was a bit weird, they were right of course.


I spend hours deep diving in 3d to create something different looking. I don’t like simplicity, my work has to have some complex elements to it and I have to ‘feel’ it, I can go weeks without creating art and then I can’t stop and when this happens I work late into the night.

I don’t create AI images, I tried it once and it didn’t do much for me so everything here is not AI. I’m not super against others using it for art, I just do me.

I like drama and grit and even if it’s a sci fi piece of art I have made I want others to feel just slightly uncomfortable. This is one of the reasons I use allot of Black and White, it’s dramatic but also classic. Photo realistic images that look great now will look dated in a couple of years but black and white remains timeless.

I like to give my art some backstory or some narrative and where possible here I will add that description. My art has opened some doors for me, led me to new professional projects, caught the eye of the occasional celebrity. Some of these pieces have been sold on blockchain market places, an artist needs to live and blockchain is a new and interesting place to sell such wares.

For the longest time I had been creating all of my digital work within Maya, occasionally dabbling in ZBrush. With Maya I would use hair sytems to create art rather than use it for what it’s supposed to be used for. Then in 2019 a new addition snuck into Maya called BIFROST. There was no documentation just some online images of what it could do. I was blown away by them and I went deep down a rabbit hole to teach myself everything I could about this new procedural node based programming tool.

As I went deeper down I began to share my findings with the Maya community, sharing the weird creations and experiments I had created with Bifrost. Even the Bifrost developers where surprised at what I was coming up with while using it and so Autodesk saw this and we began a working relationship with me experimenting and them using my work in marketing material and sponsored tutorials.

I am still deep inside that rabbit hole, I gave up gaming because I needed more time to dig further, to see what I could create. I continued to share my knowledge and findings because why not, it’s no secret and it’s cool to share. My art will still remain my art even if others use similar techniques, they can’t get inside my mind, but I am also happy to share that knowledge too, just need to figure out how. For now I just drop my images.

I have a thing for lighting and composition. I like my subjects to almost look like they are posing for a camera. I keep lighting simple and stick to high exposure key lights with a little back light and just a touch of fill.

It’s got to have the drama though and bring out the best of the complex forms. My technique isn’t just in 3d of course. Often I will create multiple layers of complexity and composite all of these in post, tweaking different elements.

Some depth of field and a background that just hints at an environment. With Quarzon, Imchum, Nero 7, Gaunt and Simak Tide they have a similar environment that for me just about lets you know they are outside in a mountainous area but it’s almost a classic sci fi environment but very subtle.


Album Cover or Music Video

If you are looking for something a bit different for your next album cover, music video or perhaps you have something else that needs some very unique visuals I am open to a conversation. Lets make something very cool.
Check out the MACHINEHEAD video ‘No Gods No Masters’ that I worked on. You will instantly see my style in action.

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